Mar Cor Purification Dialysis Water Products & Services

You Care For Your Patients…

People undergoing hemodialysis require a high level of patient care. Part of that care is making sure the water used to treat those patients is of the utmost quality. Facilities and clinics rely on their water treatment systems and these systems must be superior in order to provide the best water possible.

…Trust Us With the Water.

Mar Cor Purification has been meeting the demand of providing water for dialysis for over 40 years. We are able to offer hemodialysis providers a complete array of systems, products, and services. Our turn-key solution is designed to make sure your critical water needs are being served. We combine media filtration, reverse osmosis (RO), and ultrafiltration to provide you with the most costeffective water system package.

• Central Dialysis Water Systems • Bicarbonate Systems
• Portable Dialysis Water Systems • Customer Service, Spare Parts, & Training
• Filtration, Disinfectants, & Cleaners • Distribution Systems
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