Water Training

Your Hemodialysis Need:

The need for hemodialysis water training, inspection, and information has placed greater demands on you and your staff, while at the same time, regulatory organizations continue to refine standards of water product performance. Limited time, skills, and resources can get in the way of a high-quality, water treatment program.

Mar Cor is a name you have come to trust in hemodialysis. The perfect combination for your dialysis clinic now offers the Water Solution Package – the tool you need for total water convenience at your clinic.

Our Solution:

The Water Solution Package consists of training for your staff on hemodialysis water topics and offers hemodialysis support information you can use. We enroll you and your staff into the Mar Cor University – Dialysis Water Solutions Program for complete on-line water training while providing you access to reference materials and other water information based sites. Combined to Offer Filtration, Water, and Disinfection Technologies.

Dialysis Water Solutions

Hemodialysis water technology can look like an unfamiliar language. You are looking for informational clarity and solutions that make sense to your practice. You often have limited time, skills, and resources dedicated to providing a high-quality, water treatment program, but regulatory organizations and standards continue to increase. As a result, there is an every growing need for continual hemodialysis water training, inspection, and information.

Sample Certificate

This Completion Certificate is awarded by a upon successful completion of each training session.  Courses that include Contact Hours will be awarded Certificates with associated Contact Hours.

Certificates (.pdf format) will be emailed to the unique email address provided upon registration upon successful completion of courses.  The certificates (.pdf format) will also be available for download on the account dashboard upon successful login.

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