Session 301: Reverse Osmosis Technology

Approved for 1.2 Contact Hours.
This course is designed to give you a more in-depth study on the fundamentals of reverse osmosis. This session covers the filtration of water contaminates, thoroughly explains the osmosis process, and examines cross flow filtration technology.


  • Primarily designed to educate hemodialysis technicians, biomedical personnel, nurse managers and others responsible for the water treatment system on understanding the fundamentals of reverse osmosis technology.


  • To learn what reverse osmosis is and why we use the technology.
  • To understand the relationship between the water molecule and contaminants in water.
  • To understand the process of osmosis.
  • To realize the benefits of cross flow filtration.
  • To understand the basic reverse osmosis operation.
  • To understand the different filter configurations.

Table of Contents:

  • Defining Reverse Osmosis.
  • Examining the removal of water contaminants.
  • Defining and illustrating the osmosis process.
  • Particle filtration and cross flow membrane technology.
  • Filter configuration featuring spiral filters.

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