Session 206: Disaster Preparedness for Dialysis Water Treatment Systems

Approved for 1.2 Contact Hours.
This course is designed to provide information and guidelines about preparing your clinic’s water treatment system prior to a disaster. Needs and issues surrounding a plan are also addressed. Practical steps and response criteria are given in an effort to assist the student in implementing a disaster preparedness strategy for the water treatment program.


  • The course is designed to provide the individual with a comprehensive understanding of dealing with the water treatment system before, during and after a natural disaster.


  • To emphasize the importance of having an emergency plan.
  • To identify the negative implications that could affect a water treatment system.
  • To identify the steps to prepare the water treatment program.
  • To learn how to respond during and after an event occurs.

Table of Contents:

  • Disaster preparedness for dialysis water treatment systems.
  • Negative implications that affect water treatment systems.
  • Steps to Prepare.
  • Responding to a crisis.
  • On-line resources.

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