Session 205: Water Monitoring – For Patient Saftey

Approved for 1.2 Contact Hours.
To provide a comprehensive study on water system monitoring in hemodialysis clinics. The course is designed for individuals who are involved in all aspects of patient care, from administrators to technicians. The emphasis is focused on the importance of establishing a quality assurance program for the complete water treatment system so that water tragedies can be avoided.


  • To educate hemodialysis caregivers and staff personnel on the importance of having an established quality assurance program that effectively monitors the complete water treatment system.


  • To understand why monitoring the water system is imperative.
  • To understand the methodology used to monitor the water system.
  • To identify the components monitored.
  • To know when to perform the tests.
  • To know how to manage the monitoring process.
  • To prepare for possible water system failures.

Table of Contents:

  • Water Monitoring for Patient Safety
  • Reasons for Monitoring the Water System
  • Methods Used to Monitor the Water System
  • Main Components to Monitor
  • When to Monitor
  • How to Manage the Water System

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