Session 204: Facility Design – Start with Pure Water

Approved for 1.2 Contact Hours.
To provide instruction on the importance of designing a hemodialysis clinic based on the water treatment and distribution system. This is a course that can be taken by project managers, engineers, technicians, physicians, and administrators that are involved with dialysis facility layout. The emphasis is based on providing the individual with a comprehensive overview of the issues surrounding designing a dialysis clinic from a water treatment perceptive.


  • To avoid common mistakes that can occur in designing and building a hemodialysis clinic, and to understand the importance starting with the water treatment system first.


  • To establish the importance for designing a water system properly.
  • To understand the criteria for system sizing and the dangers of improper distribution design.
  • To provide the design parameters that need to be consider during the preplanning stages and discuss commonly overlooked areas within the water room.
  • To understand the options surrounding bicarb and concentrate distribution systems.
  • To examine the pros and cons of water treatment system standardization.
  • To provide advice when dealing with contractors and suppliers.

Table of Contents:

  • Importance of Proper Water System Design
  • Design Affects the Water Equipment Selection
  • What Does a Good Water Room Look Like?
  • Design Parameters
  • Commonly Overlooked Items
  • Water System Distribution – Engineered Properly
  • Bicarbonate Delivery System Design
  • Concentrate Delivery System Design
  • Water System Standardization – Pros & Con
  • Project Management

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