Session 201: Advanced Water for Dialysis – Part I

Approved for 1.2 Contact Hours.
A more in-depth study on the water treatment system with emphasis on answering specific questions surrounding pretreatment equipment. Components covered will be the tempering valve, booster pump, sediment filter, and water softener.


  • To understand the functions of the Water Tempering Valve, Booster Pump, Depth Filter, and Water Softener.


  • To have a more complete understanding of the function of the tempering valve, booster pump, depth filter, and water softener
  • To comprehend the necessity of these components while learning the practical aspects of the equipment.
  • To identify alarm conditions and recognize the severity within any given occurrence.
  • To understand the importance of monitoring the equipment in order to validate system performance and avoid water based tragedies.
  • To increase knowledge and build confidence in dealing directly with the water treatment system.

Table of Contents:

  • Tempering Valve
  • Booster Pump
  • Depth Filter
  • Water Softener

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