Session 203: Advanced Water for Dialysis – Part III

Approved for 1.2 Contact Hours.
A continued in-depth study on the water treatment system with more emphasis on answering specific questions surrounding purification and post treatment equipment. Components covered will be deionization, storage tank, distribution system, UV purifiers, and endotoxin filters.


  • To understand the functions of the DI Tanks, Holding Tank, Distribution Pump, Piping, UV Light, and Endotoxin Filter.


  • To have a more complete understanding of the function of DI tanks, holding tank, distribution pump, piping system, UV light and endotoxin filter.
  • To comprehend the necessity of these components while learning the practical aspects of the equipment.
  • To identify alarm conditions and recognize the severity within any given occurrence.
  • To understand the importance of monitoring the equipment in order to validate system performance and avoid water based tragedies.
  • To increase knowledge and build confidence in dealing directly with the water treatment system.

Table of Contents:

  • DI Tanks
  • Holding Tank
  • Distribution Pump
  • Piping System
  • UV Light
  • Endotoxin Filter

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